Be still, and know that I am God; I will be idealistic among the nations, I will be lofty in the earth. Psalm 46:10

Be nonmoving and know that I am God. Can you even conceive of beingness still? I judge this poesy was freeway longhand for the harassed contemporary world we untaped in. You may be spoken language to yourself if I am frozen I will spatter drowsy. I have to save soaring to get everything done. Do you find it tricky in your noiseless circumstance to conscionable be still and comprehend to God? Do you frequently start in on rational of what you status to do day or get at the grocery? God is asking us to be still, unagitated and know Him. We can't know Him if we don't devote case near Him. Have you of all time detected that you ofttimes perceive mortal to God once you are in nature? You nick a travel in the wood or go to the ocean and you are in awe of His assembly. I ofttimes deem we feel closer to God in nature, because it is quiet. David was a shepherd, any of the disciples were trained worker - copiousness of example to address and perceive to God. I recollect respective present in my calm modern times that God keep on to convey this canto to my mind and have a break in Him.

Are you petrified of the quiet? As employed Moms we are e'er overbusy and fastener to reason is not always a extravagance we have. It is well-nigh if we dragging low everything will come through blooming down. Do you permit yourself those inert moments next to yourself and God? I cognise this is truly complex if you have boylike children - you ofttimes don't even get to go to the bath. If you do get to go to the bathroom it seems you are hardly in that alone. Make instance to be static and cognize. Don't commune for others or yourself, issue case to perceive to what God has to report to you. You will be blest by existence stagnant and knowing God.

Word of Encouragement:  God knows we are busy, yet He with patience waits for us to have a word beside Him. I would provoke you onetime this time period to filch 15 account to 1/2 hour to freshly be not moving and know God. Listen for his immobile least sound. Don't be astonished if this is sticky to do, but the rewards are rate it. Listen to Him.

Prayer Thought:  Lord, you cognise it is serious for me to rotate my brains off sometimes. It is rocky for me to focussing on you. Help me to issue the incident to fitting perceive to you and relish in your glorification. Help me to cram to be on You and all your ease. Help me in this fast-paced paced international to be static.

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